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Over 35 years of growing expertise

Houle H2O has been developing its expertise from day one in an effort to stay at the cutting edge of pressure technologies. We provide customers with our high-level expertise when it comes to performing any hot tapping, valve insert, line stopping and concrete pressure pipe welding intervention, under pressure or not, on any water pipes.


Pressure EZ Valve insertion:
Houle H20-exclusive technology
used in Quebec

A considered and proven process

Houle H2O keeps on gaining experience to achieve outstanding services. We ensure our unique and qualified team has all the required qualifications on drinking water (P6C), enclosed space, aloft jobs, WHMIS, Act 430, etc. By joining forces with the TCI Group, we have been working for years at optimizing and adapting our procedures to our clients and engineering firms’ specific requirements.


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24/7 Emergency Services

Our team of highly qualified welders and technicians is available at any hour of the day to perform an emergency, alteration or repair on concrete pressure pipes with diameters of up to 108”. We provide emergency services across the province of Quebec, as well as in some parts of Ontario and the Maritimes.

In cooperation with our partner’s engineering department, every single intervention we perform translates into expert service.

RBQ License: 2623-4039-29